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Oct 2, 2012 6:00am PDT
-based international academy of television, art, and sciences oversees the awards. its members include about 500 media and entertainment companies. >>> for an update on the weather forecast, here's mai shoji. mai? >>> indeed, it is the typhoon season, but one after another we have storms coming in. we have a couple of storms to talk about. let's start off with this one. this is the tropical storm maliksi. it is moving towards the islands. throughout the day tomorrow, the islands will be affected due to this storm and it will be intensifying into a secure tropical storm status by wednesday evening. from the afternoon, actually, it will be around this region, so it will be quickly moving away. maliksi is a fast-moving system. it will be picking up its pace tomorrow. but the ting that this will be doing is it will be enhancing the stationary boundary, which is just south of the eastern coast of the toho ka region. due to that earn jized stationary front, thunderstorms will be affecting the eastern region especially and some heavy down tour pours to be looking out for. another storm is the kami over the s
Oct 9, 2012 6:00am PDT
academy of sciences in stockholm made the announcement on tuesday. professor hideshi hara from the ecole normale superieure paris and university of colorado physicist david wineland were honored for their breakthroughs in quantum physics. they studied the interaction of light and matter. the field has been rapidly progressing since the mid-80s. haroche and wineland's research is serving as the basis for super fast computers currently in development. >>> japan's prime minister has achieved something he won't be celebrating. an nhk poll suggests the support rate for yoshihiko noda and his cabinet has fallen to its lowest level since his government was sworn in september last year. nhk surveyed 1,056 people between saturday and monday. participants were aged 20 and older. they gave the cabinet the support rate of 26%. that's down five percentage points from last month's survey. the number of voter who is don't support the cabinet is up by five points to 58%. the support rate for the prime minister's democratic party hit its lowest level since it took office. it fell by three percentage poin
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2